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What soda machines are Soda Sense CO2 canisters compatible with?

Our 60L CO2 canisters work with virtually any mainstream machine, including Drinkmate, Aarke, and most SodaStream machines.

Soda Sense 60 liter CO2 canisters are compatible with almost every soda machine on the market today due to the commonly used threaded nozzle at the top.


The list of machines Soda Sense CO2 canisters are compatible with include:

  • Soda Sense Soda Sensei
  • SodaStream Fizzi
  • SodaStream One Touch
  • SodaStream Aqua Fizz
  • Drinkmate soda makers
  • Aarke machines
  • Samsung refrigerators
  • And many more!

However, some machines on the market have been designed to only accept specific canisters.

Soda Sense CO2 canisters are NOT compatible with the following brands/models:

  • SodaStream Terra
  • SodaStream Art
  • Cuisinart brand soda makers
  • Primo Flavorstation
  • EverPure brand water systems
  • Mr. Butler brand soda makers

If you have any additional questions about machine compatibility, please reach out to our support team.