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What soda machines are Soda Sense CO2 canisters compatible with?

Our 60L CO2 canisters are compatible with all soda maker brands - including Drinkmate, Aarke, and SodaStream machines.

Soda Sense 60 liter CO2 canisters are compatible with all soda maker brands on the market today. We offer both full Threaded & Quick Connect 60L CO2 Canisters. Already own CO2 canisters and just need a refill? No worries! Exchange them through the Club using our CO2 Refill Box and pay only for the refill.

The list of machines Soda Sense CO2 canisters are compatible with include:

All SodaStream Machines:

  • Jet
  • One Touch
  • Gai
  • Terra
  • E-Terra
  • E-Duo
  • Aqua Fizz
  • Art
  • Fizzi
  • Source
  • Fountain
  • Penguin
  • Genesis 

All other popular soda making machines such as:

  • Soda Sense Soda Sensei
  • Drinkmate soda makers
  • Aarke machines
  • Carbon8 
  • Sodaology 

  • Glacier Fresh

  • Samsung refrigerators
  • DrinkMate OmniFizz
  • Fizzpod
  • Twenty39 Qarbo Classic
  • Phillips
  • Snlide
  • AWA Carbonator
  • Kitchenaid
  • Ambiano
  • MySoda
  • And many more!

If you have any additional questions please reach out to our customer support team by visiting sodasense.com/pages/contact-us