If I have my own box, or I accidentally throw yours away, can I ship you one that I have?

Below will lay out the reason we use the box that we do

If you throw the original box away, you cannot use your own for shipping back our bottles. Each exchange box that we send you contains the correct regulatory shipment labels and a special permit for our 60L bottles only. There are certain guidelines and markings on the box that we have to follow for our boxes in order for the USPS to take them and that we can ship them within the continental U.S..

To avoid addition charges for you, do not mail back your exchanges in any other box. 

To avoid purchasing an extra box from us, save the box that your new bottles come in to use for future exchanges. If you do end up discarding the box, you can request a new one for FREE from your account page.

If you have any additional questions please reach out to our customer support team by visiting sodasense.com/pages/contact-us