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How does the CO2 Refill Program work?

Simply put 2 empty 60L CO2 canisters into your refill box, attach a return label, and place the box in your mailbox or bring it to a USPS drop location. We'll automatically send you 2 more full canisters right away!

What you need:

  • A Soda Sense refill box (Need a new box? Get one here for free.)
    Note: Because you are shipping pressurized containers, USPS will only ship canisters if they are in the Soda Sense refill box. You may NOT use a regular box for a refill as only the Soda Sense refill box has all the correct warnings and labels on it.
  • A Soda Sense return label (Need a replacement label? Find out how to get one here.)
  • 2 empty CO2 canisters
    Note: we can refill any SodaStream 60 liter CO2 canister with a threaded top as well (not Terra/Quick Connect bottles).

How to complete a refill:

  1. Place your 2 empty CO2 canisters into the refill box. Don't forget to tape the box flaps shut - us, you and USPS employees don't want canisters falling out in transit!
  2. Adhere the return label to the outside of the box. Ensure it is on a flat surface (don't wrap it around the edges) so that the label can be easily read and scanned by USPS. The top of the box works best.
  3. Place the box in your mailbox or bring it to any USPS drop-off location. UPS or other carriers will not ship your refills.
  4. That's it on your end! As soon as your refill is accepted by your local post office and scanned in, we will send out 2 more full CO2 canisters directly to you. Your card on your account will be charged for the cost of the refill at this time.

When your refill arrives:

  1. Don't throw anything away just yet! We send you everything you need to complete your next refill.
    1. The box your full canisters came in can be used to send back the empties once you've used up the CO2. Keep the box in a safe place for later use.
    2. Inside the box you'll find a label sticker. Keep this label as well, as it is the return label you'll fix to the outside of the refill box when sending your empty canisters back for a refill.
  2. Keep your canisters inside in a room temperature location. Excessive cold/hot temperatures can damage the bottles.
  3. Use and enjoy!
  4. Once you've got 2 empties, complete the refill process once again.

Helpful Information / Best Practices:

  • We recommend owning a total of at least 3 canisters. That way, you can always have one in your machine, even as you're sending your other 2 empties in to be refilled.
    Need more canisters? Get them here.
  • Lost/damaged your box/return label? No big deal. You can order another free box here which will come with a return label, or you can get another label by following the instructions here.
  • Do you only have 60L bottles from SodaStream or another brand? No worries, we can refill those bottles too. Simply complete the refill process above as normal.
    Note: We currently do not refill SodaStream Terra/Quick Connect bottles. For a full list of our canisters' compatibility, click here.