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How do I get my $15 Amazon Gift Card?

If you've purchased CO2 canister(s) on Amazon.com, you're eligible to receive a $15 Amazon eGift Card. Simply fill out a form so we can validate your purchase and we'll send you your eGift Card!

  1. Buy a Soda Sense CO2 canister listing on amazon.com. All variant options (1-4 canisters) are eligible for the offer.
  2. Once you receive your canister(s), find your order ID from your Amazon Account associated to the order, or click here to locate all of your Soda Sense Amazon orders easily. Then go to amazon.sodasense.com. 
    Note: Your Order ID will be in the following format: 11X-YYYYYYY-YYYYYYY
  3. Enter your Amazon Order ID (with dashes) and your shipping address zip code (5 digits).
    Screen Shot 2022-12-16 at 9.19.20 AM
  4. Indicate if you still have your exchange box. If you lost the box or need a replacement box, select the "No" option we will send you a new one for free as part of your order.
    Note: You can only send in your canisters using the refill box your canisters came in as it has all the right labels and warnings on it for transporting pressurized containers. A refill MUST contain 2 empty canisters. A refill box with only one empty canister in it will not count as a complete, successful refill.
  5. Once the system validates your order, you will be prompted to create a Soda Sense account.
    1. If you already have an account, click Log In at the bottom of the form. Once you do, the Amazon Gift Card code will be sent to your email the next time you refill your canisters.

  6. Continue on to the checkout to get your free refill label or free box and refill label combo. Be sure you use the same email address in the info fields as the one you used to create your account.


  7. Check your email for your prepaid refill label.
    1. If you already have your refill box and just need a refill label, the label will be sent to your email immediately as a PDF attachment that you can print off and use.
    2. If you indicated that you needed a new box, the box will come in the mail via USPS with a prepaid return label already on it.
  8. Complete your refill by packing 2 empty 60L CO2 Canisters in the Box and securely attaching the prepaid label to the outside of the Box. Put the Box in your mailbox or bring it to any USPS drop off location.
  9. Your $15 Amazon Gift Card code will be sent to your email address within 2 weeks of your refill being processed.
    Note: If for any reason you do not receive your gift card within 2 weeks of sending in your refill box with label attached, contact customer support.